This doesn’t stop me.
Thoughts of you in a low-lit room,
licking the paint off my walls.

You could become
my creature of habit.
If that’s what you have planned,
sit on my lap for a while.

These songs enter slowly
and then speed up
until we’re dizzy, dizzy
but it doesn’t count for much
at 2 a.m.

Then you said, “Tell me,
tell me if you’re believing
this lie?”

And I couldn’t say no,
because I bought every word, Love.

I walked on your back
because it needed crackin’
and you grunt the air out
because there was no place
for it to go.

But your back was sturdy
and I wasn’t shy
so here I am wondering
with my throat bone dry.

And you’ll keep on lyin’
and lying here
waiting for me to disprove you.

And I can’t.

Because I already told you…
I’m hanging on your every word,




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