If You Must Know: About Me

Definitions don’t really work for me. I have a challenge with the: use-one-word-or- a-short-sentence-to-describe-yourself games. But in this instance, it feels obligatory. I’ve been writing since I was six years old, and received a “Ramona Quimby” template journal.

When I was 20, I began my trial-run marriage. It ended when I was pregnant at age 22. I was a single mom for a decade. I said I would never get married again. Then I reconnected with the most wonderful man, and he’s been my husband for the last four years.

I had been working and making a career for myself, in some form or fashion, since age 16. In January 2015, with the support of the aforementioned amazing husband, I gave up my career to focus on my passions: motherhood, household organization, and writing. I allow myself the occasional luxury of a lunch with friends, a vacation, or an 80s movie on a Friday; but for the most part, I’m perfectly content with a simple life of laundry, my daily Diet Coke, and editing my latest piece.

I’m terrible at relaxing and yoga. I’m intolerant of bad drivers, stupidity, ignorance and phrases such as “just sayin'”.

Me with my best girl
Me with my best girl

Everything published on this blog is my property. Nothing should be reproduced or re-posted without my permission.

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