I came of age in the era
of argyle socks
and plaid shirts
stolen from your father’s closet.

We stopped before school
to fill Super Big Gulp cups
with frothy Orange Bang!
which we kept in our lockers all day.

We didn’t realize
that MTV would soon cease
to be music television
and would peddle us “Jersey Shore”.

There was no comprehension
of intrawebs and internets,
and the smart phones
our children gobble up like Candy Crush.

I think about the pivotal moment
when he filled three pages of my yearbook
with a break-up message
that I didn’t fully comprehend until age 38.

I sometimes remember
the way he smelled like Play-Doh
and combed his hands
through my wet hair.

Then I wander to the artist
with the wire-framed glasses
who tasted like Budweiser
and smelled like paint thinner.

They tell us not to look back,
but they also say if you don’t examine the past
you’re doomed to repeat it.
So which is it, huh?

Domestic Goddess, Mother, Wife, Poet, Shuttle Driver, Organizer, Dreamer

I’m late to the blog game, about ten years late. I’ve always had a problem with doing anything that is popular when it is popular. This won’t be a day-to-day, about me and my vacations blog, although some of those journeys may feature in my stories, as I’ve done a lot of traveling. I have at least 25 journals I’ve written in since I was seven years old and hundreds of poems which I’ve written over the last 20+ years.

My main reason for starting a blog: I’m trying to break myself away from the comfort zone of short, punchy poetry; and into lengthier, memoiresque non-fiction. That said, I will still be publishing poetry here as well, because it needs a home.

Perhaps, in some post, I will explain the name of the blog. You’ll have to stick around for that.